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With CMMShere you can improve the performance of your maintenance teams, operations and reliability of your assets.

The Best Solution for your Company

Work order management

Work order software provides a work order management system for organizing the tasks a company needs to complete for its facilities or customers. Work order software acts as both a blueprint and a central location for companies to refer to because it stores and presents all work orders in one interface. Work order software and its features elevate user experience. Outside of managing work orders, work order software lets teams better communicate and complete tasks. Companies that use work order software often gain time, profit, and high levels of efficiency in the workplace.


By using the planning and scheduling tools within CMMShere, your organization will see increased resource efficiency, reductions in backlog, inventory, and overtime, and increased availability of equipment (assets). With the ability to assign work with the click of a button and view all work on a calendar, communication and coordination between schedulers, maintenance team and managers will be greatly improved.


As one of the most powerful tools in your CMMS toolset, CMMShere's reporting and dashboard features enable you to transform your CMMS data into meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions by analyzing historical trends and costs. With CMMShere, organizations can create and modify reports (or select from N reports that the user can create according to their requirements) and generate them as text, PDF, tables or graphs.

Preventive maintenance

CMMShere preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling software lets you generate calendar- and/or meter-based PMs and set up a PM schedule, making it easy to prevent failures and reduce costs. Optimize your preventive maintenance scheduling to ensure all of your work gets done right — and on time.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance technologies such as sensors and CMMS software are used to monitor real-time data on asset condition, preventing failures before they occur. Predictive maintenance (Pdm) directly monitors equipment performance and condition during normal operation. When a maintenance team knows the condition of every asset in real time, it reduces the chances of failures. Once identified, a predicted failure can be prevented. Traditionally, most maintenance teams have used reactive or preventive maintenance strategies, where repairs are either done after machines fail or performed regularly based on manufacturer’s guidelines. Today, many organizations are using new software and technologies to move beyond these methods and adopt a predictive maintenance approach.

Mobile CMMS Maintenance Software

Mobile CMMS capability is more important than ever for organizations striving to reduce asset downtime, improve productivity and lower the cost of their maintenance operations. Working in a basement, outside in the snow, or on a rooftop is no place to carry a laptop. CMMShere offers a robust mobile solution focused on making the life of technicians easy by filling the created work procedures even if there is no internet signal.

Inventory Management Software

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory are the supplies used to maintain facilities, plants, manufacturing lines and more. With effective parts inventory management, organizations can increase productivity, decrease downtime, reduce spending on parts and boost production operation. With CMMShere inventory management software and tracking tools, organizations have the power to manage inventory across multiple locations with ease.

Asset Management Software

With the powerful asset management functionality of CMMShere CMMS, you can seamlessly track and report on the history of all your most critical assets. Whether it's equipment, buildings or vehicles, asset management software will help you extend the life of your assets and maximize their performance.

Interactive plans and document storage

CMMShere Interactive Plans tool empowers you to visualize the asset location on a floor plan, schematic, site map, or any other image. Simply upload your image, and place pins that point to your asset, work order, work request or inventory records.

Never worry about your data

Never worry about losing the data that drives your business intelligence, as it’s securely backed up daily on the cloud.



The operations of companies that provide technical services are more efficient when they use CMMShere. You can view the technical workload both in the calendar of activities and in the indicators, the assets of each client, filter work orders and generate reports of each technical service provided immediately after the technical service has been performed.

CMMShere assures the contract compliance.

Some benefits of using a CMMS