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With CMMShere you can obtain efficient preventive maintenance management

Our maintenance management software is what your company needs.

Work Order Management

CMMShere provides you with a work order management system to organize the preventive maintenance tasks that your company must complete for its own facilities or those of its clients, it is also the central source of information for quick and dynamic consultation, since it stores and presents all work orders in a single interface.

Maintenance Planning

By using the planning and scheduling tools, you will obtain greater efficiency in the use of resources, reductions in the backlog, inventory control, optimization of the maintenance team and its cost, you will be able to manage and achieve greater availability of your equipment (assets), automate preventive maintenance scheduling and authorize work shifts with the click of a button, so you can view all the programming in a dynamic calendar.

Maintenance Reports

The reporting and control panel functions allow you to transform your data into meaningful information in order to make better decisions based on documentation and indicators, you will be able to customize the reports with all the information you require in order to have organization and control of the history of the preventive and corrective maintenance management. With CMMShere you can filter, generate and modify reports, from databases, graphs and indicators such as text, PDF and spreadsheets according to your need.

Preventive Maintenance

With CMMShere, schedule your preventive maintenance based on time frequencies, automating the entire plan, creating the required procedures based on the configuration of a protocol that helps not to skip steps in the process, you will define calendar frequencies or you can configure meters, verify availability of labor and assign personnel, feed maintenance processes with inventory of spare parts, inventory of tools and configure other costs associated with the procedures.

Predictive Maintenance

The CMMSEdge predictive maintenance software monitors the variables in real time of the conditions of your equipment, avoiding failures according to the reliability limits of the equipment. Predictive software (PdM) monitors assets performance during normal operation. When personnel know the condition of each asset in real time, it reduces the chances of failures and unexpected stoppages. CMMEdge IoT issues an alert and an automatic work order to get the team into action.

Mobile CMMS Maintenance Software

Mobile CMMSHere is more important than ever for your company, because it allows you to meet the requirements of your customers On-Time and reduce the downtime of assets, improves productivity and reduces the cost of maintenance operations. Working in a remote place can be very frequent for you. CMMShere's robust mobile solution facilitates management, making it easier for technicians to complete preventive and corrective maintenance procedures if there is no Internet signal.

Inventory Management Software

Maintenance, operations and repair (MRO) inventory software is used to keep equipment, facilities, plants and manufacturing lines running; Make an efficient inventory management of spare parts, tools and consumables, allowing your company to increase profitability and increase the efficiency of inventory use, track its cost and level, overstock, make purchase orders, requirements, control of tools, optimize the cost of parts and consumables with wide visibility.

Asset Tracking Management

With the asset tracking management module, you will be able to have all the important information, such as the history of assets, centralizing the documentation of each asset such as technical data sheet, design plans, letter of guarantee, maintenance plans recommended by the manufacturer, among others. Whether it is equipment, buildings or vehicles, asset management software will provide you with all the tools required to make all the operational decisions that will determine their availability.

Interactive Maps Data Storage

The CMMShere Interactive maps tool will allow you to visualize the location of assets on a floor plan or schematic, site map or any other image. Simply upload your image and place pins that point to its location on the schematic, you will be able to view work orders, asset preventive and corrective maintenance service requests, or inventory records.

Information Security in the Cloud

Don't worry about losing your company's maintenance management information, as it will be safely backed up every day in the cloud on our servers at Amazon Web Services.

CMMShere adapts to all productive sectors

Technical services


The operations of companies that provide technical services are more efficient when they use CMMShere. You can view the technical workload both in the calendar of activities and in the indicators, the assets of each client, filter work orders and generate reports of each technical service provided immediately after the technical service is performed.

CMMShere ensures compliance with your customers contracts.

Benefits of using CMMShere

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