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With CMMShere you can obtain efficient preventive maintenance management

We will solve your needs.

You will get better results.

Our functionalities adapt to what you are looking for

We understand, this could be your current situation:

“Like you, I spent almost a decade immersed in the world of maintenance and operations, facing daily challenges that were often overwhelming. The constant demand for results led me to use tools such as spreadsheets and Word formats to manage preventive and corrective actions. At first, it was practical, but as we grew, the complexity and disorganization increased.

Chaos would ensue: technicians carrying paperwork with procedures, photos scattered in folders and an overload of Excel documents. Work orders got lost, equipment for repair arrived with no history, and the constant searching of folders and calls to suppliers consumed my time.

I went into “firefighting” mode, sacrificing family time due to poor planning. Lack of sleep and constant worrying about problems became commonplace.

I share this because I discovered that there are solutions for everything, and I am convinced that if I had tools like CMMShere, my story would be different. I invite you to explore how this solution can change your work and personal life. Below, you can identify your needs and visualize the results that CMMShere can offer you.”

These may be your maintenance needs in your company

Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance area in different productive sectors and we are sure that these main needs are the ones that your company wants to solve with a maintenance management software, please consult your needs according to your sector:

Do you have a specific need to be solved?

We know that you are asked for results and you are looking for continuous improvement:

“Continuing with my background in maintenance and getting into the bottom line, every month, as is common, we are subjected to performance evaluations. The first question is usually: “How much did you spend on the base?” A question that is obviously difficult to answer. The retort is not long in coming: “But last month you indicated a specific amount and you exceeded it by 30%, sometimes even more.”

I would like to emphasize again that, although at the beginning I handled Excel well, as time went by the situation became more complex. The administrative work of entering each part on the inventory sheet in the maintenance book and then subtracting the quantity used on each work order became cumbersome. A number error, an empty box, a simple copy and paste, and then nothing would add up. This administrative process became a wear and tear, and more critically, problems and repairs would not wait.

Continuing with my background in maintenance and getting into the bottom line, every month, as is common, we are subjected to performance evaluations. The first question is usually: “How much did you spend on the base?” A question that is obviously difficult to answer. The reply is not long in coming: “But last month you indicated a specific amount and you exceeded it by 30%, sometimes even more.”

I would like to emphasize again that, although at the beginning I handled Excel well, as time went by the situation became more complex. The administrative work of entering each part on the inventory sheet in the maintenance book and then subtracting the quantity used on each work order became cumbersome. A number error, an empty box, a simple copy and paste, and then nothing would add up. This administrative process became a wear and tear, and more critically, problems and repairs would not wait.”

These may be the Results your company is looking for

Do you want better or different results?

Our functionalities adapt to what you are looking for

Work Order Management

CMMShere provides you with a work order management system to organize preventive maintenance tasks that your company needs to complete for its own facilities or those of its clients. It is also the central source of quick and dynamic reference information, as it stores and presents all work orders in a single interface.

Maintenance Planning

By using planning and scheduling tools, you will achieve greater efficiency in resource utilization, reductions in backlog, inventory control, optimization of the maintenance team and its cost. You will be able to manage and achieve higher availability of your equipment (assets), automate preventive maintenance scheduling, and authorize work shifts with the click of a button. This way, you can visualize the entire schedule on a dynamic calendar.

Maintenance Reports

The reporting and dashboard functions allow you to transform your data into meaningful information to make better decisions based on documentation and indicators. You will be able to customize reports with all the information you need for organization and control of the history of preventive and corrective maintenance management. With CMMShere, you can filter, generate, and modify reports from databases, graphs, and indicators in formats such as text, PDF, and spreadsheets according to your needs.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

With CMMShere, schedule your preventive and corrective maintenance based on time frequencies by automating the entire plan. Create the required procedures based on the configuration of a protocol that helps avoid skipping steps in the process. You can define calendar frequencies or configure meters, check labor availability, assign personnel, feed maintenance processes with spare parts inventory, tool inventory, and configure other costs associated with the procedures.

Predective maintenance

The predictive maintenance software CMMSEdge monitors real-time variables of your equipment conditions, preventing failures according to the equipment’s reliability limits. Predictive software (PdM) monitors equipment performance during normal operation. When the staff knows the condition of each asset in real time, it reduces the chances of failures and unexpected downtime. CMMEdge issues an alert and an automatic work order for the team to take action.

Mobile application with/without internet signal

CMMSHere Mobile is more important than ever for your company because it allows you to meet your clients’ On-Time requirements and reduce asset downtime, improve productivity, and lower maintenance operation costs. Working in a remote location may be common for you. The robust mobile solution of CMMShere makes management easier, enabling technicians to complete preventive and corrective maintenance procedures even when there is no internet signal.

Inventory Module

El inventario de mantenimiento, operaciones y reparación (MRO) es utilizado para mantener los equipos, las instalaciones, plantas y líneas de fabricación en funcionamiento; Hacer una gestión eficiente del inventario de partes de repuestos, herramientas y consumibles, permitiéndole a tu empresa aumentar la rentabilidad e incrementar la eficacia del uso del inmovilizado, hacer seguimiento, sobre stock, realizar órdenes de compra, requerimientos, control de herramientas, optimizar el gasto de piezas y consumibles con facilidad.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

With the asset tracking management functionality, you will be able to have all the important information, such as the asset history, centralizing the documentation of each asset such as technical specifications, design plans, warranty letters, manufacturer-recommended maintenance plans, among others. Whether it’s equipment, buildings, or vehicles, the asset management software will provide you with all the required tools to make operational decisions that will determine their availability.

Interactive Blueprints & Document Storage

The CMMShere Interactive Plans tool allows you to visualize the location of assets on a floor plan, site map, or any other image. Simply upload your image and place pins pointing to their location on the diagram. You will be able to view work orders, preventive and corrective maintenance service requests for assets, or inventory records.

Cloud Information Security

Don’t worry about losing your company’s maintenance management information, as it will be securely backed up every day on the cloud of our servers on Amazon Web Services.

These are some of the many features of our CMMShere. If you want to find out how your needs can be addressed and how to achieve better and different results, we invite you and your team to schedule a DEMO meeting:

CMMShere solutions for your industry

Technical services

The companies that provide technical services need to know where their technicians are, how much time they take to perform tasks, deliver reports immediately to their clients, effectively execute maintenance jobs for their clients’ assets, understand the performance of assets through reliability indicators, and much more.

These companies also need to achieve better results such as reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, winning contracts, improving reputation, and having all the knowledge and measurement of management in one source. You can achieve all this and more with CMMShere software.

Do you want to address your needs and improve your company’s results?

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How will we successfully implement CMMShere?


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Do you have any questions about our CMMShere?

These are some of the questions our customers have asked when purchasing licenses for our maintenance software. If you have any other inquiries, we invite you to ask them through the WhatsApp button, our chatbot, or simply by filling out the contact form.

CMMShere is computerized maintenance management software, commonly known as CMMS or GMAO in both English and Spanish acronyms. It offers extensive customizable capabilities for planning, scheduling, and managing all maintenance tasks and the business resources necessary to keep assets in full availability and/or operation at a cost-effective benefit.

With CMMShere, all information is centralized in a single interface, enabling the capture and analysis of data and indicators to make informed decisions aimed at reducing costs and preventing unplanned downtimes.

Check our article for more information:

CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management System


CMMShere is dynamic and easily accessible software that can be used on any PC or laptop through widely known internet browsers. Additionally, it can be used on any mobile device, tablet, or smartphone by downloading the application available for Android, iOS, and HUAWEI devices. You can find the download links for mobile devices here:




CMMShere is an online software that operates under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers. This model offers several benefits, with the most significant being that users won’t have to make additional investments in data infrastructure and its maintenance. These costs are covered by us, and the protection and integrity of information are under our care. CMMShere is contracted through a monthly or annual subscription, depending on the plan that best suits the organization’s needs. You can find more information about our plans here, or for personalized information, you can fill out the contact form or reach out to us through our chatbot on our website.

CMMShere is a platform that adapts to users’ needs. On our plans site, you can check the storage capacity for each of the plans. If needed, for the size of your organization, you can get unlimited storage for information such as histories, documents, photographs, and other records required for maintenance management.

CMMShere is a software with all the capabilities of mobile technology. Through our application, you can capture all the required information in work orders in OFFLINE mode.

Without an internet connection, you are able to fill in all the data for various maintenance tasks, take photographs of the tasks, initial and final states of the asset, and later synchronize all that information when an internet connection becomes available. We provide this feature to users because we understand that there are remote, enclosed, or difficult-to-reach locations where connectivity is challenging or simply unavailable.

CMMShere stores all the assets of your organization without limit, with all the information in their dossier, centralizing it in one place and making it available from any device and at any time.

The purchase of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can be a significant investment for any company. Here are some arguments you can use to justify the purchase of a CMMS to management:

    1. Cost Reduction: A CMMS enables a more proactive approach to equipment and asset maintenance, resulting in fewer unplanned maintenance costs and extended asset life. Additionally, CMMS systems help manage inventories more effectively, reducing storage costs and the need for emergency inventories.

    2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: A CMMS can improve efficiency and productivity by reducing unplanned downtime and increasing equipment uptime. It also helps schedule and manage work more effectively, enhancing the ability to handle maintenance tasks and increasing customer satisfaction.

    3. Regulatory Compliance: CMMS systems assist companies in complying with industry standards and regulations by scheduling preventive maintenance and managing maintenance records. This can help avoid fines and regulatory penalties.

    4. Improved Safety: A CMMS contributes to improving equipment and worker safety by allowing the scheduling of preventive maintenance and managing maintenance records. It can also help identify equipment and assets in need of repair or replacement to prevent accidents and safety risks.

    5. Enhanced Decision-Making: CMMS systems provide real-time data and analytics on equipment performance and maintenance effectiveness, enabling managers to make informed decisions about asset management and maintenance scheduling.

We accept credit card, debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, and Stripe payments. For more information on payments, you can contact one of our representatives on our website by filling out the contact form, contacting the representative by phone, using the website’s chatbot, or directly chatting via WhatsApp.

MMShere provides the ability to define roles for each user. This means that depending on the role of each maintenance team member, information and permissions will be available according to each person’s configuration within the CMMShere environment. Regardless of the device being used to access the software, sensitive information will only be available to those with permission to manage it.

CMMShere, through the asset module, allows you to access all the required information at any time. This includes all work orders, equipment dossier, history of failures, images of the equipment, maintenance-associated costs, QR code for asset identification, and the ability to download all information from the mobile application. Importantly, you’ll have a record of all activities performed on the asset, with dates, reports, failure charts, a geolocation map, and location on plans uploaded by the user. This provides information about the asset’s location, executed tasks, and any pending tasks.

CMMShere, thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) technology, provides the ability to monitor operating variables in the assets that you consider critical, you can monitor temperature, humidity, voltage, vibration, any variable that is considered, through a joint analysis and evaluation of those. that may affect the condition of the equipment or the condition of the processed product, configuring upper and lower setpoints, thus allowing alarms to be issued within the CMMShere itself or the designated emails, automating the preparation and sending of work orders that will allow a failure to be anticipated. that may cause an unscheduled stoppage, irreparable damage or loss of the processed product.

For more information you can consult our article on a real case of asset monitoring.

CMMShere, through its CMMSedge platform, gives you the ability to visualize the graphical behavior over time of the critical variables, measured by the sensors, and export the data to spreadsheets for other information processing.

CMMShere will automatically notify all those involved about the scheduling of orders, work requests and asset failures, either viewing them from each user’s application on their mobile or from the desktop version and additionally all responsible people will be notified through of an email for double confirmation.

If you manage maintenance clients in an outsourced manner, they will obtain reports and notifications via email of all the asset repair services you provide, in their locations, providing a service of better quality, transparency and promptness instead of using old spreadsheets. and hand-filled forms.

Data security is a major concern in any computer system, including a CMMS. To ensure data security in a CMMS, it is important to implement physical and logical security measures. Physical measures include protecting servers and the network by implementing physical security systems. Logical measures include implementing strong passwords, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and implementing information security policies. Additionally, it is important to ensure that data is stored and transferred securely and that it is backed up regularly to ensure data integrity. In general, to ensure data security in a CMMS, appropriate physical and logical measures must be implemented, secure data transfer and storage must be ensured, and backups must be performed regularly.

The best way to make the decision to adopt and implement CMMShere is to schedule with one of our representatives a pilot test of eight business days, after the first demonstration presentation, during this time you will be able to view the platform modules, flow of process, ease of use, customization of tasks, indicators, generated reports and much more, we invite you to request a pilot test so that from that test all the questions you have regarding CMMShere arise and can be resolved. You can contact one of our representatives on our website: www.CMMShere.com, contact the representative by phone, use the website’s chatbot or chat directly on WhatsApp.

To consult the privacy policies of our website you can click on the following link to review them: Privacy policies, if you want more information about the policies you can contact us through this email info@software4tech.com and send us your query.

While it is true that having technical knowledge can be useful when using CMMShere, most of the tools, modules and configurations are designed to be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge, CMMShere has a very intuitive interface that does not require advanced skills.

Benefits of using CMMShere

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