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About us

CMMShere is a software company that delivers an innovative solution for the management and monitoring of assets aimed at supporting the management and control areas of any organization, providing great visibility for the planning of work and processes.

The platform optimizes the workload of the personnel in charge of executing work orders, following systematized actions that increase efficiency in terms of time and quality of execution of each job, whose objective is the care and maintenance of assets.

CMMShere is a cloud-based maintenance and repair management software with the ability to receive and process service requests at all times, providing all information security, with the ability to monitor assets in a non-invasive way in real time thanks to IoT advances

Our clients, thanks to a planned preventive maintenance through our software, can efficiently manage maintenance work, anticipate failures in their assets, extend their useful life and prevent unscheduled shutdowns, thus avoiding increases in area costs.

The indicator module provides the pertinent information that allows an in-depth analysis of the adopted maintenance strategy, provides asset reliability measurement, monitoring and control of costs associated with maintenance administration and management control. which will allow the respective analysis to make more accurate and informed decisions.

Our team, through the search for innovation as the axis of constant development, is fully committed to the continuous updating of new techniques and methodologies aiming at continuous improvement of the CMMS maintenance software in order to satisfy its most demanding clients, so they have a management and efficient asset tracking, extending its useful life with fewer unscheduled stops.

CMMShere is compromised to deliver their customer a Top Notch Service, actively listening to their needs and concerns, identifying areas where we can improve, make changes and develop our product enhancing the user experience of our users.

CMMShere helps prolong the life of your assets and perform efficient management of maintenance resources.

Happy Customers

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CMMShere gives us exceptional control over our assets, maintenance plan, and reporting. Without a doubt, it became an indispensable tool for our functions. The CMMS is efficient, simple and light.

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Since we used CMMShere, productivity in the company has increased exponentially. Thanks to this maintenance software we can keep our reports updated anywhere and at any time, without a doubt the best on the market.
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Reliability and Efficiency

The CMMSHere is a maintenance management platform that helps us a lot in the administration and visualization of the works, it is an application that adjusts and is dynamic, in addition to providing us with a history of easy access and remote monitoring, we highlight that it continues to improve in all aspects and support staff give us quick answers with clear solutions.

What users say about the benefits obtained by implementing CMMShere

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