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About us

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Flexibility tailored to your challenges.

Our Collaboration, Your Transformation.

Continuous Support, Long Lasting Results.

Our Corporate Values


We are committed to collaborative work that multiplies productivity and makes everything possible


The excellence of our services is fundamental for us, which allows us to offer a quality service


We are passionate about what we do, which makes our work productive and beneficial


We are committed to each of our clients to provide them with an efficient service

We solve problems

We are focused on finding solutions, every problem must have a solution


We seek to be at the forefront of technology, so our products and services are adaptable to any technological innovation

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CMMShere offers exceptional control over assets, maintenance plans and reports, making it an indispensable tool for its efficiency, simplicity and lightness.

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CMMShere boosted the company's productivity, being an outstanding software that guarantees the updating of reports anytime, anywhere.
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Reliability and Efficiency

CMMSHere: Dynamic and adaptable platform for maintenance management. Offers accessible history, remote monitoring and efficient support.

Want to learn more about our software?

Hello, I’m Manty, I will be your teammate to implement and learn how to use our software, I represent our availability to support you 24/7 to meet your goals in the area of maintenance and technical service.

CMMShere offers an innovative solution for asset management and tracking, providing visibility and optimizing the workload. The platform improves efficiency in the execution of work orders, contributing to the care and maintenance of any organization’s assets.

CMMShere, a cloud-based software, will help you manage maintenance (preventive, corrective and predictive). With real-time receipt of requests and information security, its advanced asset monitoring thanks to IoT enables efficient management.

The focus on preventive maintenance helps to anticipate failures, prolong the useful life of assets and avoid unscheduled shutdowns, reducing operating costs.

Our preventive and corrective maintenance software will help you manage your assets productively

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