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Ingeniero accediendo a la solución de software CMMSere, para el control de sus activos

Computerized Maintenance Management System

The new way of managing maintenance in your organization, easy and intuitive

Portada CMMShere, representa una industria que usa un gran número de activos físicos en su inventario

Simplifies maintenance management

Centralizing information and facilitating execution processes

Ingeniero feliz por la gestión de mantenimiento de los activos físicos de su empresa

Asset management software from anywhere

You will have the confidence and experience of professionals around the world.

CMMShere brings order and control to your organization's maintenance management.

Our CMMShere is a computer-aided maintenance management system, designed to work in organizations of any size to help in a simple but efficient way in the traceability of the management of data associated with preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance operations, histories of assets, work schedule, performance indicators among others.

The software is available as a SaaS software as a service accessible from any device. It stands out for being a simple and flexible solution, capable of being customized both to suit your organization and your specific needs.

We offer an asset tracking solution that provides each maintenance team with the tools and information necessary to prepare the maintenance plan, execute work orders efficiently and effectively. The platform makes the working life of technical staff easier, contributes to their efficiency and provides great visibility.

Five overwhelming capabilities of the CMMShere system

Easy access at any time and from anywhere, in order to manage assets maintenance.

You will be able to efficiently plan preventive maintenance.

You will be able to have complete visibility of the technical workload and status of your assets.

The work orders are carried out following the maintenance processes created by the organization, aligning the capacities between the more or less experienced operating teams.

You will have at hand the Histories of assets, indicators, alarms, remote monitoring, spare parts inventory levels, failure graphs and many others.

Schedule your Preventive Maintenance Work Orders easily and visibly

CMMShere is capable of showing the schedule of maintenance tasks by monthly work orders, which will give you enormous visibility of the workload of the operating teams. The work order calendar can be filtered by month, weekly, daily, and be exported as a pdf file. You can also filter by status, customer, assigned technician, priority, type, among others.

Additionally, you can view a summary with relevant information on scheduled maintenance jobs by easily browsing through CMMShere calendar files.

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