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Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Manages preventive and corrective maintenance effectively

Our customers are amazed by our service, flexibility and collaboration

CMMShere is a plataform in the cloud highly specialized in technical services, you can access from anywhere and with the mobile application we make life easier for your technicians.

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It is a software (SaaS) better known as a Computer Aided Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Our CMMS is the key tool for managing maintenance in a company. From task scheduling to asset tracking, it provides you with a holistic view to ensure continuous performance and reduce unplanned downtime.

We are Software4tech, a North American company specialized in a suite of digital solutions for small and medium businesses. We have been designing, developing and marketing CMMShere for seven years.

Whether you operate in manufacturing, healthcare, energy, logistics, real estate, technical services or any other industry, our CMMS offers comprehensive maintenance management. Increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize the operation of your assets in any industrial environment.

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You can access a free demo of the CMMS to describe your needs and we will explain how to solve these and more with CMMShere.

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Our CMMS offers flexibility with a variety of plans to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small, medium-sized business or a corporation, we have an option that fits you perfectly.

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Our CMMShere not only manages, but optimizes the entire lifecycle of your assets. From preventive maintenance that avoids problems to rapid corrective interventions and predictive forecasting, our platform offers a complete solution to ensure maximum efficiency in the management of your assets.

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Enterprise Assets Management Software

Technical services

The companies that provide technical services need to know where their technicians are, how much time they take to perform tasks, deliver reports immediately to their clients, effectively execute maintenance jobs for their clients’ assets, understand the performance of assets through reliability indicators, and much more.

These companies also need to achieve better results such as reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, winning contracts, improving reputation, and having all the knowledge and measurement of management in one source. You can achieve all this and more with CMMShere software.

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CMMShere brings order and control to your organization's maintenance management

Our CMMShere is a computer-aided maintenance management system, designed to work in organizations of any size to help in a simple but efficient way in the traceability of the management of data associated with preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance operations, histories of assets, work schedule, performance indicators among others.

The software is available as a SaaS software as a service accessible from any device. It stands out for being a simple and flexible solution, capable of being customized both to suit your organization and your specific needs.

We offer an asset tracking solution that provides each maintenance team with the tools and information necessary to prepare the maintenance plan, execute work orders efficiently and effectively. The platform makes the working life of technical staff easier, contributes to their efficiency and provides great visibility.

Five important capabilities of the CMMShere software

Ease of access at any time and from anywhere, to manage asset maintenance.

Efficiently plan preventive maintenance.

Have excellent visibility of the technical workload, optimizing the use of maintenance equipment.

Work orders are carried out following the maintenance processes created by the organization, aligning capabilities between more or less experienced operating teams.

Asset histories, indicators, alarms, remote monitoring, spare parts inventory, tool inventory and many others.

Schedule your Preventive Maintenance Work Orders easily and visibly

CMMShere is capable of showing the schedule of maintenance tasks by monthly work orders, which will give you enormous visibility of the workload of the operating teams. The work order calendar can be filtered by month, weekly, daily, and be exported as a pdf file. You can also filter by status, customer, assigned technician, priority, type, among others.

Additionally, you can view a summary with relevant information on scheduled maintenance jobs by easily browsing through CMMShere calendar files.

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We integrate our CMMShere with any ERP software on the market, and we have a specialist team that will help you make the integrations that your company needs.

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