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Asset Management​

Asset register

Register of asset families

Registration of locations and sublocations

Arborization of assets

Fixed equipment geolocation

Mobile asset geolocation

QR code asset identification

Preventive maintenance management with meters

Equipment metrology

Warranty Tracking

Fixed equipment space management (Interactive plans)

Asset resume and history

Vehicle control

Final state of the equipment



Internal email notification

Notification to external third parties by e-mail

On Time equipment intercommunication

PUSH notifications to the technician on your mobile device

Smart devices

Mobile application to manage maintenance

Offline mode

Availability on Huawei, IOS and Android tablets and cell phones.

Maintenance programs

Integral outsourced maintenance management (actions and costs)

Creation of maintenance plans

Number of maintenance programs

Administration of geographical areas (zones)

Creation of sweep reports

Management of notification to external third parties


QR code identification of spare parts and materials

Materials Inventory Management

Number of items in inventory

Warehouse creation

Material movements

Control and registration of tools

Purchasing processes

Inventory supply processes

Fuel control

Materials and spare parts reserve management

Inventory criticality module

Performance Analysis

B.I Analysis

Costing and time indicators in work orders

Work order management indicators dashboard (lagging and leading)

Reliability indicators dashboard

Asset failure dashboard

Maintenance program indicators dashboard

Export of reports

Backlog indicators and technical compliance


Users who register work requests or incidents in the system

Management viewers users

Users quantity

Technical credentials module

Technical performance scoring module

Setting roles and permissions


Creating clients in CMMShere

Personalized access for end clients to the system to consult maintenance management

Number of accesses to the client system

Work orders

Management of preventive and corrective maintenance work orders

Inspection Orders

Work order flow automation

Number of work orders per month

EMERGENCY work order management

Activity planner

Standard procedures report

Fully personalized procedure report

Attach photographs to the report

Attach other documents to the report

Scheduling and assigning shifts to technicians

Actual work order execution times

Real-time technician geolocation

Failure management

Past maintenance history

Letters supporting work order reports

Creation of service reports.

Work Order Requests

Users who register work requests or incidents in the system

Work orders from internal requests

Work order requests from an external portal

Work order request records


API provisioning

Setting up custom integrations

Support and development

Development of custom flows and indicators

Chat and email support

Tutorial material for using the system

Dedicated attention from a support executive

Implementation and staff training

Data import (assets, customers, contacts and inventories)


Daily BackUps

AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services)

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